P. Turner’s Plan

I will need at least three if not more people and several months of prep. First is an insider in the security detail. Either buy one off or work your way in. Specifically it will be a security guard who works in the monitoring room. Someone who can quietly turn off the security in the vault on the night of the break in.
The second and third people will be two team members disguised as plumbing workman. The day of the heist the workman will go into the 1st. Premier Bank offices to do work on the plumbing in the employee break room. Under the cover of their work they will peel back the flooring and cut a man sized hole in the floor. One will jump in the whole(the safe cracker) and the other will replace the top layer of flooring so that nothing is amiss.
The safe cracker should be in the girders and duct work between floors and he should be right above the vault door. He should be close enough to neutralize the motion detector and the camera from this location. He will wait until the bank closes to begin. He will then take a photo of what the camera sees and attach it in front of the camera so that the camera has a still image of the stairs leading down to the vault. To attach the photo he will disrupt the camera momentarily by causing interference with high power magnets. This should fuzz up the screen long enough to attach the picture. For the motion detector, he freezes it with a fire extinguisher. Then he drops through the ceiling in front of the vault door.

The safe cracker then has the rest of the night to work on manipulating the lock. It may take up to four hours to manipulate the lock. Once inside he will deal with the independent control box. Once he cuts the phone lines to the independent box he is free to open the security doors and start pulling out cash and valuables from the safety deposit boxes.

Before the bank opens the safe cracker closes the vault and hops back up into the ceiling. He crawls back to the opening in the floor of the break room and waits with the loot. Then the third man(the other one dressed as a worker who re-covered the flooring) has rigged several water mains to blow. As soon as the water blows and starts flooding the first floor the safe cracker hops out of the floor and walks out the front door in the chaos.

Cooper’s thoughts:

Not a bad plan overall. Getting an inside man to deal with security directly from the security offices was a big help. By attacking the vault door you are able to get into the vault foyer without tripping an alarm. This gives you time to deal with the independent control switch. A few things that could have been better: If you are in the ceiling above the vault you can jump the wires on the motion detector. I have heard of the freezing method before but you will need to continually refreeze the motion detector throughout the night. As for manipulating the safe. In the fine print I mention that the safe is a keypad with a thumb print scanner. You were not particularly specific about how you would deal with these other than the fact that you gave yourself four hours to do it. Overall you are light on some details but it is basically a workable plan. Cool escape idea!

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