Mystery safe?

I’m hoping to get some help with this safe. There was, unfortunately  no door found on this safe but I am hoping to identify the manufacturer and perhaps the time period. It appears to be around 100 years old and doesn’t look like the type of body found on most Hall’s safes I have seen, but other than that I am really out of my element.

I would also like opinions on the method of attack. At first glance it looked like explosives but I found some interesting square holes that made me consider the possibility of a peeling attack followed by chipping and chiseling away the concrete in the interior? The front of the safe there is an area missing (or blown out) about where the gut box would have been. There is also a bowed in area in the center of the safe that could also be indicative of an explosive attack.

The story goes(unsubstantiated here say BTW) that safe was found face down in a field on a ranch. The door was never found. Looking at what I saw I was wondering if the damage to the back had be “Post Mortem.” So a pro might have blown the gutbox out with grease and at a later date some one(without the equipment to turn the face down safe over) might have tried to attack the back of the safe with punching peeling and chiseling. That is my theory but I lack the expertise to back that up. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me might be able to confirm my thoughts, come up with a more educated hypothesis, and (Fingers crossed) identify the safe! Thanks to all for having a look.


Safe Front, No door found with safe. Can anyone identify?


Left side of safe.


Back of safe. Significant damage but inner wall of safe left intact?


Right side of safe.

safe(right rear corner)

Close-up of right rear corner.

safe(punch marks)

I noticed a few square holes. This led me to wonder if this was a result of a jack hammer or other type of “Brute Force” attack?

safe(center bowing)

The bowing in the walls of the safe made me consider an explosive attack.

safe(Jam Shot)

I was wondering if the blown out area, that would correspond to the approximate location of the gut box, could be the result of a jam shot attack or if it is just the result of rust and time?