The Boxman Show


See what people are saying about the Boxman Show:

“I’ve seen magic shows before but this was above and beyond!”

“I liked it just as much as Derren Brown!”

“A good mix of magic, mindreading, and comedy…”

The Boxman Show is a truly unique entertainment experiences with a clever mix of criminal expose’ and magic. But where does reality end and illusion begin? Impress your clients or guests by booking something different for your next corporate event, wedding, or even house party. Watch an evening of pick pocketing, card sharping, con jobs, and even safe cracking. This isn’t the usual “bunny out of a hat” magic show… This is smart, witty entertainment that adults can appreciate.

And for those extra adventurous events, Cooper also offers a “Lock Picking” expose’ where you learn to be the mastermind!

demoreel2 from Erik Ostresh on Vimeo.

The Boxman show will travel to any event in Donegal, Ireland or Northern Ireland. Call for available dates +353 087 778 1590 ask for Cooper!

Cooper also provides Card Sharping demonstrations and or walk around magic for restaurants, weddings, corporate parties and other casual events.