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Voting Time!

The contest is over but we have four entries that are vieing for the top Prize. Go to the entries page and vote for your favorite plan!

Special Bonuses for first three entrants!

The protagonist in my upcoming novel, The Boxman is not only known for planning a good heist, as you will soon learn, he also has to plan heists “On the Fly.” To pay a bit of homage to some of the “Quick Heists” depicted in the book, and also to encourage those of you who can come up with a workable plan quickly, I have decided to include a T-shirt prize for the first three entrants. This T-shirt will have a unique design on the back that includes a snapshot of the Coulter Building Vault floor-plans. They will be available for sale for a limited time but a special one will be awarded to each of the first three contestants as well as the top three contestants.


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