The Boxman

A Modern Day Robin Hood! 


A new novel by E. Cooper Ostresh.

When a splinter group of Occupy Wall Street realizes they have been targeted by a top secret identity theft program, they decide to fight fire with fire. They hire a group of professional thieves to steal the program in the hopes that they will learn how to defeat it. The a-political crew of thieves, believing they have been hired for simple corporate espionage, is unprepared for the backlash that is unleashed. Suddenly the crew is thrust into the middle of a deadly political scandal and forced to fight for their lives. Leading the crew is a reserved yet determined safe cracker with a gift for planning heists. He is committed to doing more than just surviving.  He wants revenge. Now the Occupiers and his own crew must decide if his bold plan will make them casualties or legends.

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What Others are saying…

… intelligent, funny, and incredibly suspenseful take on the classic heist genre. He’s done his research and does a beautiful job interweaving the reality of pulling a heist, while matching the intensity and suspense of the “dumbed down” Hollywood heists…   rancidsauce – 

… Technical enough to be very believable without being over-powering in nit-picky details … nice job !

-Simon Lovell Technical “Con-sultant” for USA’s White Collar TV show.

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