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You Missed the opportunity to participate in this contest but others are on the way! In the mean time feel free to browse the Coulter Building Floor-plans while you read the book!

The Contest Rules will remain posted for posterity!

You be the mastermind contest: Bank Heist game.

Do you love a good heist story? Can’t get enough of movies like Ocean’s Eleven or the Italian Job? Do you think you could plan a heist better than Danny Ocean or Charle Crocker? Well here is your chance to play a mastermind safe cracker! As part of the promotion for the new heist thriller “The Boxman,” I will be sponsoring a contest using the floor-plans I drew up that depict the climactic scene of the book.

The idea is simple.

I provide the floor plans and some pertinent information. You come up with the plan.

Your goal is simple.

Get into the vault in the basement of the Coulter Building.

Write up your plan and e-mail it to me or post it on YouTube.

1st place-

Awarded to the best plan or the plan closest to the events depicted in the upcoming book “The Boxman.” The number of Likes on your Video or Post will have no influence on first place.

2nd place-

Awarded to the next best plan provided it is believable. The number of likes on your video or post will somewhat influence this one.

3rd place-

Awarded to the most creative plan! This one is for those who aren’t concerned about such trivial things….like reality! The number of Likes on your video or post will strongly influence this one!

  • $10.00 gift certificate to Think Geek
  • Bragging Rights.
  • A free e-copy of the book “The Boxman.” (Free signed hard copy as soon as the print run is released)
  • And an authentic FBI file… errr….Never mind. They won’t be worried about you!

Honorable mention-

Awarded to any plan that might work.

Contest Ends October 1st!

How to enter?

E-mail Submissions:

E-mail all entries to under the subject heading “Boxman contest.” You must type your plan in the body of the e-mail. No attachments will be opened. E-mail that gets routed to my junk drawer will not be opened so be sure your e-mail does not have any automatic links or HTML code added.

Youtube/Vimeo Submissions:

For those of you who would rather just post an explanation of how you would pull off the heist on a video feel free to post a response to the contest on any major video hosting service. Then just post a link at the bottom of this page to enter. In the title of the video include the heading “Boxman Contest” and provide a link back to this web page in the comments section of your video hosting site. The sky is the limit for video submissions. You can simply describe your plan on a webcam or you can get creative with your video editing and movie making skills. As long as your heist is explained it will be considered a valid entry. [Special Note for video entries- Because of the public nature of video entries there is a chance of a spoiler if you happen upon that same plan that is described in “The Boxman.” Because of this the winners may be asked to edit their videos after the contest to claim their prizes. I hope you will understand. Thanks.]

Coulter Building Specifics Click Here!


Vault/Subway floor

1st Floor: Lobby and Bank

2nd Floor: Food Court, Bar, and Security Offices

3rd Floor: Under Construction


This contest is for those who enjoy a good caper in print and in film. It is not intended to encourage people to turn their capers into reality. If that is your game, good luck finding the Coulter Building because it is totally fictional! Any similarities between the design, name, and location of the Coulter Building and the 1st Premear Trust is purely a coincidence. If you happen to own or manage a building or bank which shares a name with one of my fictional structures then it is your own fault for being banal and trite. Get off your butt, find a marketing consultant, and change your name because I specifically selected those two names because they sounded generic and unmemorable!