Boxman Limited Edition Lock-Pick Business Cards!

Get yours before the Zombie Apocalypse!

Lock Pick Business Card

With Dec. 21st right around the corner I hope you are all prepared. But just how do you plan to break into that store for your shotguns and Spam? Get the “Boxman” Lockpick card before it is too late!

Strong enough for the most elaborate heist but small enough to fit in your wallet, the Boxman Lock-Pick Business Cards are here! Since these were initially released, there has been a tremendous response from people wanting to get their hands on a few, and here is your chance.

The perfect gift for that special person (or ex-convict) in your life, these business cards are a true work of art. Manufactured by My Metal Business Cards after going through several different companies, they look and feel perfect in person.

For a limited time only, I’ll be giving these away for a small donation. The donation covers the costs of the cards themselves.

U.S. $5.00/Boxman Business Card (postage paid!)
International $7.00/Boxman Business Card (postage paid!)

(Be sure the address listed on your Paypal account is current)

** Note ** The Lock-Pick business card is intended as a novelty item only and should not be considered an actual set of lock picks. That said to avoid any possible legal hassles I will not ship to the following states:

Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia.

If you live internationally you assume full legal responsibility for the possession of one of these business cards.

Happy Holidays!