The Boxman Show

See what people are saying about the Boxman Show: “I’ve seen magic shows before but this was above and beyond!” “I liked it just as much as Derren Brown!” “A good mix of… Continue reading

Boxman Limited Edition Lock-Pick Business Cards!

Get yours before the Zombie Apocalypse! With Dec. 21st right around the corner I hope you are all prepared. But just how do you plan to break into that store for your shotguns and… Continue reading

Of S%!# Saturday sale!!!!

I fully appreciate the panic some may feel this Saturday morning. Millions of conspiracy theorists will wake up across this world and realize that they only have three shopping days before Christmas! Oh Shit… Continue reading

Laramie Boomerang article on Boxman

The Laramie Boomerang, my hometown and the hometown of some of the characters in the book, just wrote an article on Boxman. If you are a Laramie local you can find the article… Continue reading

My Awesome New Business card!

 Finally a useful business card! If you accidentally lock yourself out of the house just pop out the picks and you are back inside!   I’ll be doing a special promotion soon for people… Continue reading

How Occupy Wall Street has helped influence Boxman

Safe Cracking and OWS seem like strange bedfellows. Read about how the Occupy movement helped influence the novel.  

Albert “Bert” Spaggiari

 Sans armes! Ni haine! Ni violence!  Without Arms! Nor Hate! Nor Violence! Perhaps the one real life bank robber who comes closest to the Hollywood image of a criminal Mastermind was Albert Spaggiari.… Continue reading

Reviewers needed!

In preparation for the release of “Boxman” I need some reviewers. For interested parties the deal is pretty standard, you receive an e-book copy of the novel now(kindle and PDF versions are currently… Continue reading

Myth Busters busted?

The Mythbusters Blow Up A Safe!  But did they get it right? It is nothing new for fans and critics of Discovery Channels, Mythbusters TV show, to post blogs, forums, and write letters… Continue reading

Why does Hollywood get it wrong?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good heist story. I grew up watching “Sneakers” and the “Hudson Hawk.” Anytime one of the “Ocean’s” movies are on T.V. you can bet that I… Continue reading